Xia Shu Wen (Masters in Clinical Medicine)

Vice Chief Physician, Department of Acupuncture and Chief Physician, Department of Rehabilitation, Beijing Hospital of TCM

Areas of Special Interests

  • Pain Management
  • Headache
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Tinnitus
  • Deafness
  • Tic Disorders
  • Treatment of Varicose Vein
  • Post Stroke Management
  • Stress Management, including treatment of insomnia and migraine
  • Sports Injury
  • Other Complex Disorders

Physician’s Profile

Xia Shuwen graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a Master’s Degree in TCM major in 1991. Since then, he worked in the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Beijing Hospital of TCM affiliated to Capital Medical University. He is also the disciple of Prof. Zhou De’an, China’s renowned Master Physician and Chairman of Beijing Association of Acupuncture. Physician Xia engaged in advanced studies in Neurology in Beijing Tongren Hospital in 1995 and furthered his studies in Neurosurgery in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital in 2001. He is able to perform minimally invasive intracranial hematoma surgery independently as part of the integrated western and TCM treatment plan in China.

Xia Shuwen volunteered in the Ethiopia service team and administered acupuncture treatment for many Africans and was titled “Mr. Friendly” in the team. He was invited to attend “Campania-Beijing Week of Science and Technology, Economic and Trade” hosted in Naples, Italy in November, 2008, to showcase the acupuncture treatment.

He specializes in using Western medicine to diagnose and treat various neurological diseases, especially acute cerebrovascular diseases. He also inherited many clinical experiences from TCM predecessors, Wang Leting, He Puren and Zhou De’an, and specialises in the treatment of headache, insomnia, tinnitus, deafness, tic disorders, and hyperactivity.

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