Wong Mei Ling (Master’s Degree in TCM)

Singapore Registered TCM Physician
Member of Singapore Institute of Chinese Medical Studies

Areas of Special Interests

  • Pre- and post-operative nursing for tumor operation
  • Adjuvant therapy of side effect for Tumor radiotherapy, chemotherapy
  • Palliative treatment and rehabilitation
  • TCM Internal Medicine

Physician’s Profile

Wong Mei Ling graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is certified in internal medicine and acupuncture. Subsequently, she entered the oncology department in Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution as a clinical intern physician in 2005 and became an internal medicine duty physician in 2006. In 2007, Wong Mei Ling went under the mentorship of Prof Li Xuewu for acupuncture in Thong Chai Medical Institution. She then received a professional certification specializing in tumor from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture clinical treatment certificate from Prof Li Xuewu. Wong Mei Ling started as a full-time physician in the Department of Internal Medicine and Acupuncture in 2008. She went to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for further education in tumor studies in 2009. She worked in the oncology, internal medicine and acupuncture departments during her service in Singapore Thong Chia Medical Institution. She went to Liaoning University of Chinese Medicine for further studies in tumor and received her Master’s degree in 2015. Wong Mei Ling is a bilingual expert in tumor treatment and is experienced in the areas of tumor treatment and rehabilitation.

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