Huang Wenge (B.Med in TCM)

Singapore Registered TCM Physician

Areas of Special Interests

  • Internal Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics
  • Pain Management

Physician’s Profile

Huang Wenge is passionate in using TCM to cure all sorts of common gynaecology, pediatric diseases and chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, gastroenteropathy, diabetes, hyperthyroid and kidney diseases. She uses acupuncture, scrapping and moxibustion therapy or Chinese medicine to treat neck-shoulder-back syndrome, lumbar-leg pain, peritendinitis, etc.

Huang Wenge has extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine. She has formed high standards of professionalism as a moral imperative to care for patients. She completed her years of fruitful study on Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and TCM College (Singapore) with a diploma, and her study on Traditional Chinese Medicine at Singapore College of TCM with a Bachelor’s degree. She has actively participated in continuous education and training to improve her professional capabilities. Currently, she is an active voluntary TCM Physician in both the Cardiology Specialty Disease Group and the Acupuncture and Scrapping Specialty Disease Group in Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution, caring for poor patients and carrying out TCM academic studies.

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