Foo Qi Ming, Johnny (Master’s Degree in TCM)

Physician in the National Physician Hall in TCM Hospital affiliated with Southern University College of Malaysia
Member of Diabetes Committee in WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies)
Member of council in Internal Medicine Committee in WFCMS

Areas of Special Interests

  • Acupuncture treatment for men’s wellness
  • TCM treatment for nephropathy
  • TCM treatment for diabetes

Physician’s Profile

Foo Qi Ming graduated from Singapore College of TCM in 1985. After graduation, he worked in Singapore Thong Chia Medical Institution, and received the senior professional certificate in 1988. Subsequently, he continued his further education in TCM in Liaoning University of TCM, and received a Master’s Degree. In 1986, under the guidance of Singapore’s leading acupuncture scholar Prof Lee Kim Leong, Foo Qi Ming began to study acupuncture for men’s wellness. He had remarkable achievement with several media reports at that time. In the initial stage of the Reform and Opening-up Policy in China in 1987, several Chinese experts and professors in Nephropathy were invited to Singapore to teach and guide clinically, including Prof Zhao Shaoqin, President Fang Dingya, and Taiwan President Cao Chengzhang. With the guidance and knowledge gained from these TCM predecessors, Foo Qi Ming was able to create special treatments for diseases such as nephropathy and diabetes. Foo Qi Ming also participated actively in the scientific research projects in collaboration with Singapore General Hospital, focusing on the clinical research on acupuncture treatment for male’s infertility.

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